Saturday, September 01, 2007


Yesterday's post moved from the Bus by the magic of C&P..

....and a new use for spent computer ink cartridges. It takes a good rub with the pumice to get this ink off the skin, so I thought I would try it on thread. I damped the yellow hank, put it in a plastic tray, and then left a magenta and a cyan cart sitting on it for a while. I'll let you know how it looks when it is dry, and if the colour bleeds after a running over with the iron. If it bleeds, I shall use it for paper embroidery cards, as they usually get binned eventually, anyway. The brown patch on the right is where I put cyan on over magenta, as I thought it needed toning down a bit. I must take a closer look at my camera...I hope those white spreckles on the photo are reflections off the plastic tray and not dead pixels...

H is for Holes by Kate N.
My name came out of the hat on her Blogversary postcard draw. The stamp on the back has been cancelled normally, but the Irish PO has added an extra franking to the front. I thought about trying to remove it with a magic sponge, but have decided I quite like it!
Ancient Love by Michelle for the Anything Goes #3 Swap on ArtWeMail.

This was sent in a clear cello envelope, but the stamp and cancellation were on the PC itself. I don't know if Michelle had the postcard hand franked before she placed it in the envie, or whether the US post office removed and replaced it, but I had to smile, and thought of the person who last week reported receiving a PC in a cello envelope where the franking was on the envelope, but the stamp was on the postcard. She suggested that she might remove and use this stamp in the same way, and see just how many times the same stamp could be re-used!

Last, but not least, an altered postcard from Lauretta on FaPATCs. The front appears to be painted/dyed kitchen towel layered over the yellow card circle, the back feels like brown mulberry, and the edging is metal foil tape. Again, you can see a distinctive franking mark on the face of the card. The stamp on the back has not been franked, but that may be because it is attached to the bottom right corner, rather than the top right, where the franking machine would expect to find it. I could end up with a collection of unfranked US stamps to send to somebody on the other side of the pond!

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