Sunday, September 02, 2007

Something old...something new

I left the Weddding ATCs simmering on my brain's back burner, and something floated to the top. Years ago, I used to do alterations for a Bridal shop, and being the hoarder that I am, kept all the bits that I trimmed off or removed. Somewhere in this building I should be able to find a plastic bag full of net, organza, tulle, satin and white lining...but where?

Half an hour later I ran it to earth at the back of a cupboard in the sewing room. Next stop the bead and sequin box and a hunt for a beading needle, and here is my work so far. The bottom layer is lining, and the vague line you see about an inch up from the bottom is a net ruffle I have stitched to the lining. Third is organza. The bottom edge is free, and has its original hem. The tiny sequins are very very pale pink, and came off an Indian patchwork bag I cannibalised years ago for its beads. The tiny embroidered flower has been floating around in my lace and ribbon drawer for at least 20 years, and it is held in position by more of the sequins and some AB beads. The tiny red spot on the hem below the flower is my blood. My eyes didn't pick this up until I saw the magnified picture after I had loaded it, so it is too late now to use the seamstress's trick of spit and cotton to remove it, so I shall leave can be the something borrowed...
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  1. You do fabulous work!
    Love your blog.

  2. Fabulous ATC!

    PS the blood, something borrowed? this is fun~

  3. Thank you Ladies! The other Wedding ATC is still not cooked, but please come back....

  4. Love your atc's Tooty, and i snagged the teabags LOL


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