Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Surprise package...

Carol's tatted rose card for the CS September Swap

When I opened my post box this morning, slotted between the car insurance renewal form and the September Swap card from Carol, was a Post Office "wipe clean" notice card informing me that I had a package too big to fit in my box, so I joined the queue to retrieve my parcel. It was a jiffy bag containing a cone shaped object with a squishy large end...I recognised the writing on the packet as Jude's, but had no idea what she had sent. Inside was this postcard, from one of
her exhibitions, and on the back of it was her request that I knit the enclosed purple eyelash wool into a scarf, as "damson is the new black", and that she hoped that I would like the presents she had sent. The cone shaped object was a "very un PC" as she described it, wool holder, that she hoped would stop assorted fur babies from being tempted by the fluffy yarn as I knitted it, and two "hair bungees" that each had a mass of tiny translucent plastic tags that she was sure I would find a use for. My offspring know me well.....
My camera doesn't do blues very well; the yarn is much more towards the purple range than this photo shows.
Edit; Just found a wool holder with a green fez on Ebay...1 bid £3.99...2 hours left to bid.


  1. Hi, thanks for your advice; I hadn't thought of the copyright issue. I've changed the pattern quite a bit - especially the mouths - but not sure if that's enough. On the other hand, if Sirdar give you a free pattern with no prohibitions or copyright on it, is it therefore ok to make it and sell it? Hmm. This is getting trickier by the minute!

    I love that colour wool and also the hair scrunchies ..... I thought they were big earrings for your un-pc wool holder at first!

  2. Where's the fun in 'politically correct'?

    Almost wish I did things with wool so I could have one.


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