Friday, September 14, 2007


I had two cards in the post yesterday. I put them in the scanner, then got sidetracked by a phone call asking me to make a birthday card for a 26 year old woman to be delivered by Monday. "Give me a clue!" I asked, but the response was to do whatever I fancied as long as it would fit in a standard envelope and go at standard postage to the UK. Well we all know I work best under pressure, so anything as free and easy as this throws me out of my comfort zone! I think I'll leave it until Sunday, so there will be a bit of impetus...I am using the same technique to make a card for 0j0, who arrives tomorrow and has a birthday on Sunday....

Back to the postcards that were still in the scanner. This one is from Pam for the Quilter's Delight Swap on Artwemail. How does she get her corner meet-ups so precise? The material is a very fine cotton? batik with a lovely silky feel to it.

The next one is a RAK from Sharron in Oz. The background fabric has gold veining running through it. She has then applied the Klimnt-like circles (they have gold on them that doesn't show up in the scan), added some pearly paint around them, then added some black pen work for added interest. The final flourish is the gold ric-rac braid stitched across.

When I was in town yesterday, I called into Fabrix, hoping that he would have something a little more economical than the 1€ a metre 7" wide pelmet vilene I bought last month. Hooray! He had 45" wide extra heavy, non woven interfacing for a €1 a metre! Now I can have a play with acrylic paint and other postcardy techniques...

I have not been paying much attention to what is happening outside; I had noticed it getting darker, but the heavens have just opened and there has been an almighty crash of thunder not too far away. Any minute now the power will go off, and I'll be on battery back-up, so I'll upload this while I can.

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  1. wow, that's a great price for that interfacing - I might have to come visit you and buy some (though I guess by the time I bought a plane ticket, it would no longer be so economical...) have fun with it!


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